OpenideaL has many built-in tools that help you get the most out of your crowd's ideas
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Social engagement

Ideas flourish better when they are shared and exposed. OpenideaL helps members to share their ideas and bring more people to the discussion, making it richer with each new participant.

idea creation workflow

OpenideaL is built for an easy workflow of raising a question and then gathering original ideas and responses, thus allowing the participants to concentrate on the discussion and the content.

Responsive Design

OpenideaL is fully responsive, accessible and customisable. Take advantage of Drupal’s endless choice of beautiful designs and themes, and adapt the look & feel to your brand.

Professional Support

New features, custom design, on-premise installations, customised workflow, 3rd party integrations and more – extend the power of OpenideaL by receiving professional support from experts.

OpenideaL is available as a hosted service

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Moving ideas to the next level
It's never been easier to gather innovative ideas from your crowd.

OpenideaL is an idea management system (IDMS), adapted for companies & organizations interested in sharing strategic decisions and future planning of products and services with their customers.

It is a perfect tool for decision makers and their analysts who need to take strategic decisions, and wish to expand their view of the problem with the poser of the crowd, whether these are the organization's employees or any other public.

OpenideaL is an open source project based on Drupal and therefore it is modular, and allows growth and adaptation to the organization’s specific needs. These adaptations may include a unique design, polls and surveys, interfacing with external applications such as Facebook or to applications within the organization itself, and adapting the interface to a range of devices: phones, desktops, tablets or kiosks.

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