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OpenideaL - The Open-Source Idea Management Software

Harness ideas to improve your products, services and digital experiences. Collect and managing ideas from customers and employees.

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OpenideaL is the Idea Management Software that

allows your customers and employees to share ideas about your services and products. Listen to what they say and gain loyalty, trust, and valuable insight about your organization.

Increase Engagement

People can comment, like
and share ideas to contribute
or show support.

Gather Ideas

A new idea is created 
and is immediately shared 
among participants.

Gain Insights

Ideas are collaboratively 
developed and decisions are 
reported to stakeholders.

Cloud Ready

Install OpenideaL on leading public clouds: Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Oracle Cloud

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innovation through open source

Use OpenideaL and get a plethora of ideas from people
you want to hear from

Innovation at your fingertips

OpenideaL is an open-source platform allowing companies and organizations to collaborate with employees and customers. It is the tool for decision makers who use insights and feedback when making strategic decisions.

Innovation with People
Personalized Experiences

Create personalized customer experiences

Enable each user to have a unique experience, unlocking features like idea, challenges, and commenting.

Strengthen your bond with your employees

Invite your teams and employees to participate in company decisions and share their thoughts about how to improve company workflow, services and products.

Company culture

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