OpenideaL in the Cloud

Our cloud offer is the easiest way to deploy OpenideaL at your cloud account, and the deployment comes with ongoing support. Check our OpenideaL in AWS/Azure clouds at

On-Prem Plan/Premium support

If you prefer to host OpenideaL on your own facilities, with your own team taking care of all the IT aspects, we offer the option of purchasing only the software updates and support from us.

Like our hosted service, we will make sure your app constantly receives the latest security and feature updates, and ensure that they are compatible with your installation. On-Prem installation gives you complete control over the environment.

This package includes premium components 

  • Enhanced reports dashboard
  • BI and analytics for each user
  • Data encryption – Storing the information encrypted in the databases
  • Free installation on the customer’s servers or cloud account


Our hosted service is the easiest way to start working with OpenideaL. Your very own OpenideaL app will be hosted on our secure servers, which are constantly updated and monitored.

Our hosted service also guarantees access to all the new features and security updates as soon as they are ready to be deployed.

Software Professional Services

OpenideaL is a fully customizable software that allows you to adapt both its Look & Feel and its behavior to your requirements and guidelines. 

Some customizations are quick, others may take more time. Some may require the work of a designer or a programmer, others don’t. You may need some assistance with the actual strategy of your innovation process.

Whatever it is that you need – our studio services and consultants are available for you on a time and material basis, which gives you the highest flexibility you can get, both technically, as well as financially. 


We offer training to your team on How-to use the system, self customization, and other topics you are interested in. 

Innovation Management Consulting and Training

We offer innovation management consulting and training packages to your team, led by Dr. Dror Yeger, an innovation expert. A detailed program will be sent upon request.