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OpenIdeaL is a suite of web applications designed to help you innovate using state of the art theories and methods. The OpenIdeaL suite includes the following components:



 A Jobs-To-Be-Done (JTBD) based application. JTBD workflows and analytics enable professionals to explore and isolate specific customers and their needs, in order to discover new areas of innovation.



 An application that enables you to discover new ideas and solutions by leveraging the wisdom of the multitude. Ideation is highly configurable and can be tailored to your specific needs upon request.

Job-To-Be-Done Innovation​

OpenideaL is built for an easy workflow of the (JTBD) “Job To Be Done Theory”, gathering original ideas and responses from participants, ultimately leads to business transformation.

Cross Platform Collaboration​

OpenideaL is fully responsive, accessible and customisable. And offers an extra layers of notificataion via Mobile chat and Chrome extension.  Built on top of Drupal’s CMS, OpenideaL allows to easily adapt to the look & feel to your brand.

Social engagement Platfrom​

Ideas flourish better when they are shared and exposed. OpenideaL helps members to share their ideas and bring more people to the discussion, making it richer with each new participant.

Professional Support​

New features, custom design, on-premise installations, customised workflow, 3rd party integrations and more – extend the power of OpenideaL by receiving professional support from experts.

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