The new layout of OpenideaL app has come a long way, supporting idea management.

  • It made new ideas easily accessible.
  • There is much more of an emphasis on the social aspect.
  • You can search for people that interest you, see what they’ve come up with, and even follow them. 
  • You can follow ideas, join your friends, or contribute to ideas and challenges. 
Idea Management platform
IIdea New OpenideaL layout

The updated version has a co-authoring feature, enabling teams to promote ideas together. By creating, and promoting an idea together, the team can receive credits as a joint effort. 

Ding! It hit me.

OpenideaL is the Facebook of ideation. 

The social aspect allows users to engage with ideas, liking, commenting, and supporting ideas. The team aspect is similar to the group’s function on Facebook.

The new idea layout displays ideas in a feed-like manner, constantly updating, displaying the life cycle, and status. 

The platform is adaptable and customizable. The new help guide embedded on the site allows anyone responsible for rolling out new software to easily deploy 

 Upon speaking with Zohar, Head of Product at OpenideaL he mentioned,

“We improved the administrator experience, adding a new admin and management portal so configurations are straightforward and concentrated in the same place.”

The amount of customizable features is practically endless. For example, the points, the categories, and different notifications users can receive are all configurable.

The layout has been adjusted to ensure the format is easily manageable and engaging. 

Talk about ease. 

OpenideaL has unlocked some innovative software that I consider a game-changer. The best part, it’s all open-sourced. 

Practically, the software can be adapted to any industry, to any department, and even deployed cross-departmentally. Doing so will allow ultimate collaboration, and increasing innovative ideas. More often than not, someone in a different department can come up with fresh ideas that other departments could benefit from.

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