Jobs To Be Done Lab


JTBD-Lab enables innovation professionals to successfully find promising areas for innovation by incorporating Jobs-To-Be-Done (JTBD) and Design thinking methodologies. JTBD-Lab is a tool that help you to successfully facilitate innovation processes.

Professionals from diverse areas can benefit from the research process :

  • Customer Experience managers can find what their customers need and address these needs.
  • Entrepreneurs and Investors can validate their assumption about the necessity of their product.
  • Government offices can suggest new services and improve upon current ones.

What JTBD-Lab is all about

JTBD-Lab is a working environment for managing the entire lifecycle of innovation research. JTBD-Lab integrates people, data, processes, and business systems in order to provide an information backbone for enterprises.

JTBD-Lab helps you accelerate your innovation research, design, and Implementation efforts across all departments and locations by automating workflows and key tasks and by delivering timely information.
Numerous studies indicate that organizations which are able to skillfully manage their entire Customer Experience (e.g. beyond touchpoints) reap enormous 
rewards including:

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Reduced churn
  • Increased revenue
  • Greater employee satisfaction.

In addition, a clear view of your entire innovation research operation enables you to more effectively collaborate across all departments and levels of management,  which allows you to deliver greater gains throughout your company.




Main Modules

JTBD modules will escort you through every stage of your innovation research


Research projects may be categorized by group. This helps your team organize your research projects in a single space.


The notebook is a documentation tool that enables you to gather ethnographic information about users and their jobs. The findings gathered in your notebook can later be used as a basis for assigning the jobs that customers are trying to get done.

Experience maps:


Experience maps describe the journey that customers take while using your product or service. Using the experience map, you can easily dissect the jobs that your customers are trying to get done while interacting with your product.


Value statement extractor:

This module will let you connect jobs to different stages in the customer’s journey.

Survey generator:

Using the Survey Generator, you can generate a survey to check if the jobs you discovered in previous stages are actually important to your customers.


Based on the results of your surveys, you can discover jobs that are both important and not met, thus enabling you to focus on the most promising areas for innovation. You can also find subpopulations of customers with specific unmet needs.

Evidence-Based Persona:

In the analytic module you can locate specific subpopulations of customers with unmet needs and represent them with their specific characteristics.