open source idea platform

Innovation Management Software

Reveal the best ideas that can help your organisation do things better.

A platform that allows your customers and employees to share their ideas about how you can improve

Discover new innovative ideas

Collect and manage ideas from customers and employees by allowing them to share their thoughts about how you can improve

Strengthen your bond with your team

Open-Idea encourages employees to share their ideas and participate in organizational decisions

Engaged and connect customers

Create long-term relationships with multiple audiences by engaging the questions letting people feel like true partners

Unleash Your Corporate Innovation with OpenIdeal 
Innovation Management Software

Open-Idea is an open-source platform that allows companies and organizations to share strategic decisions and future planning of products and services with their customers or employees. It is a perfect tool for decision makers who need to make strategic decisions and wish to expand their knowledge and insights in regards to other people view.

The Open-Idea platform can adopt to any organization needs,  include:

Unique Design

Polls and Surveys

External apps Interface

Desktops & mobile Compatibility

A place where your employees and customers can share ideas about how you can improve