When you open your news browser, the content is so relevant to you because of open source solutions (some designed by Linnovate). Your money managing bank app uses personalization and most often than not, customized open source solutions.
The algorithms that social media channels use are based on personalized solutions that help give you the most relevant content. The point is, almost everything is available at our fingertips based on personalized solutions.

We asked Zohar how OpenideaL offers a customizable and personalizable experience.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that OpenideaL is an Open-source software, which means it is almost 100% customizable. Check out just some of the sections, making OpenideaL so robust, that can be personalized/and create customized experiences.

  • The design
  • The ideation lifecycle
  • The structure of the idea object

For example, one can easily extend the idea from its default structure of:

  • Description
  • Categories
  • Images
  • Attached Documents

To be a more complex, tailor-made structure that includes data with estimated costs, time-to-market, the specific departments involved, equipment the idea would depend on, and basically any information that fits your vision of the innovation process. The reason Zohar and his team at OpenideaL made this so customizable is that it allows for a better and fine-grained analysis.

customizable and personalized
Home Screen

Companies that take advantage of these features, will come to make smarter decisions and offer customized experiences.

customized experience

The OpenideaL team didn’t stop there. They made it possible to connect to other systems within the enterprise like CRM, AI and ERP. Zohar says,

“We can connect to any Single Sign-On or external authentication whether it’s the usual social networks such as Facebook, Google or LinkedIn, or proprietary identity management systems such as Active Directory.”

OpenideaL is a good fit for inventors and small/mid-sized businesses.

In a single click you can turn OpenideaL from an open (public ) community of ideas to a private one where the submitted ideas are private to the author and to the innovation officer. This is very useful for inventors, and in systems and cultures where ideas can potentially become commercial patents.

In these cases, OpenideaL offers the capability to develop the idea in a protected environment, where you can protect intellectual property and the ownership of the idea. OpenideaL supports this structure in an effort to contribute to budding entrepreneurs and businesses.

Ideas are personal. They belong to the one who ideates. When shared, those ideas that can flourish and help organizations innovate. We’re talking at speeds that were unreachable prior to OpenideaL’s newly released software.

To learn more about customizing OpenideaL for your enterprise, click here.