Idea Management Software​

Improve your products, services and digital experiences by collecting and managing ideas from customers and employees.


OpenideaL is adapted for companies & organizations interested in sharing strategic decisions, planning of future products, and services with their customers.
It is a perfect tool for decision makers, analysts who need to make strategic decisions, and stakeholders who wish to expand their view of the problem. OpenideaL is an open-source project, based on the Drupal platform with a modular design.

OpeanideaL is adaptable to every organization’s specific needs. These adaptations include unique designs, polls, and surveys, interfacing with internal as well as external applications such as Facebook. The interface is customizable for a range of devices: phones, desktops, tablets or kiosks.

Cross Platform Collaboration

OpenideaL is fully responsive, accessible and customizable. Offering extra layers of notification via Mobile chat and Chrome extension, companies can stay in touch with users. Built on top of Drupal’s CMS, OpenideaL allows easily adaption to the look and feel of your brand.​

Social Engagement Platform

Ideas flourish when they are shared openly. OpenideaL helps team members share their ideas and bring more people to the table, making it a richer and more dynamic discussion.​

Professional Support​

Installing new applications can be daunting. Extend the power of OpenideaL by receiving professional support from the experts and roll out: New features, Custom designs, On-premise installations, Customized workflows, 3rd party integrations and more.



A form for creating new ideas, includes: title, description, and category. The form has a built-in mechanism to present similar ideas while typing, to reduce similar/duplicate ideas.

Displays ideas with: creation date, author, category, voting widget, number of comments.

Allows site administrator to edit all of the idea details. Additionally this feature includes a “process status”, marking it as an idea worth checking, blocking additional comments, unpublishing the idea or removing it completely.

Comments form + all previous forms

Add tags from a predetermined list, editable by site admin.

This is a mechanism to determine the level of activity around ideas, using an algorithm which weighs the number of comments, number of votes, and the time passed since the last activity. The “Worth checking out” component helps the analysts to determine which ideas are more successful.

A visitor on the website can manage a list of preferred ideas, and subscribe to notifications from the website. In addition, visitors can receive updates on the latest activity on the user’s own ideas.

Displays the number of votes and allows a +/- (up-down) vote on each idea. Each member can vote one time on each idea.

For each activity on the website (adding an idea, commenting, voting) the user earns points. The number of points for each action is configurable.

Any content/comment/user can be flagged as inappropriate. When a configurable threshold of reports has been reached, the site manager receives a notice, and is able to approve/disapprove it, block a user, or close the discussion for further comments and votes.

Share ideas to Facebook and Twitter.

Export ideas as RSS

Displays Questions and Answers on the same page.

Blog / News

Currently using Mollom

Toggle Content

Displays the recent activity of members


Use visuals to engage your visitors

Clear concise prompts will help each visitor onboard seamlessly

Make this visible so your employees and customers can easily log in and share ideas. 

Comments form + all previous forms

Together with it’s comments

 Displays ideas by tags (categories)

Displays ideas sorted by popularity

Displays ideas sorted by chronological order

Displays ideas which have been promoted to any status (by site managers) and enables filtering by status

displays ideas which have completed the chain of statuses and are considered “Launched” (end of the life cycle of an idea).

Displays the user name and the user’s ideas.

Displays my name, my ideas list, ideas to which I contributed (voted, commented). Also contains general operations such as Edit profile, password, subscribe to notifications etc.

Also displays popular search phrases

Optional Components

Manually selected by the site manager

 Displays members with the highest number of points

Features 2 selected ideas, and ask users to vote for one of them

Allows creation of a categorized container, to which ideas can be added.

1 – Ideas added to a challenge, are automatically tagged with the same category.

2 – The Challenge page displays all of it’s ideas together with an idea creation form.

3 – Only one challenge is active at any given time

4 – A special block is available to display the current active challenge with a quick idea creation form.

5 – Challenges are a great way to focus users on a certain subject and quickly collect many ideas for it.

Management & Control

Enables filtering the information in various ways, and create nice visual graphs.

Find and Merge similar ideas

Control the variables in the pointing algorithm

What people say about OpenIdeaL

“It’s what every marketing manager, CEO, or HR manager needs… Real insights generated from what real people say about your brand.”
David Cohen
“We know our customers like sharing their thoughts about our products, so we let them do it though engaging competition... They love it!"
Ross Trent
CX Manager
" Our OpenideaL campaign gave our employees a real sense of belonging."
Lior Ben Tovim
HR Director