We’ve been around the block before. From time to time, organizations have approached us with the need to set new processes in their firm, processes that involve users and resources from outside of the organization. We’ve all been there. Besides the specific requirements, it also meant there would be unique and specific content types.

Workflows maintain organization and keep everyone on the same page

Organizations strive for systematic processes because repetitive processes make it possible to become more efficient and learn from every repetition. Using the right information system leaves everyone on the same page with task status availability, which increases productivity and organization.

Indeed, in many organizations, there are process management systems. However, with a new project involving work processes with external users, adapting an existing system is a complicated task.

It can be very challenging to customize a workflow in CRM or ERP. It may also pose a company compliance issue and security threat if there is a need to involve external users with internal systems.

Organizations that needed to create a workflow, involving entities from inside the organization, with external users, found OpenideaL to be an excellent platform.

OpenideaL is a flexible, enterprise-grade system built to produce systematic innovation and ideas. When needing to create a workflow, especially when involving users outside the organization, OpenideaL was transformable and met the requirements flawlessly.


The system has several features that make it suitable for process production. Using Openideal, we can customize each step of the workflow to suit the organization’s needs with a graphical indication. Each stage has a visual appearance associated with it.

Workflows with external users create security and compliance issues.

System content solutions, customizing, editing, and adding different types of content quickly throughout all steps. You can also tag content with tags to keep everything organized.

Attaching documents to the various elements is extremely easy while keeping the documentation organized.

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